Civilization in the Metaverse

Become a member of this new civilization where races strife and thrive to build new homes and new lives.


A multiverse OASIS

An infinite cosmic space and countless planets where players can play different games and experience life on each planet


FREE Elite weapon & armor

Bag your Terran and receive a FREE Elite weapon and armor to battle out in the metaverse! Play, earn and BUIDL your home in Beta 1.0!

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BETA 1.0

Fight the Monsters!

A group of monster recently appeared on Meta Earth. Fantarians, let’s fight the monsters and get rewarded!

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Limited plots of land on MetaCore City! Be not just a land owner but a true FantaVerse Metaverse property owner. Every FantaVerse property magnate has a beginning!

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Equip your Terran

Armor and gear up your Terran ahead of PVE/PVP! Every additional NFT equipment increases your character's capabilities and Play&Earn prowess!

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