Civilization in the Metaverse

Become a member of this new civilization where races strife and thrive to build new homes and new lives.


Meta Earth

A beautiful and resource-rich mega universe with a variety of landforms and dense forests inhabited by the Terrans.


Dust Planet

The gaseous atmosphere surrounding this planet absorbs energy during the day and emits dazzling, radiant and memorable dancing waves of dust-light during the night.

BETA 1.0

Fight the Monsters!

A group of monster recently appeared on Meta Earth. Fantarians, let’s fight the monsters and get rewarded!

Download BETA 2.0

Limited plots of land on MetaCore City! Be not just a land owner but a true FantaVerse Metaverse property owner. Every FantaVerse property magnate has a beginning!

Buy & BUIDL it!

Equip your Terran

Armor and gear up your Terran ahead of PVE/PVP! Every additional NFT equipment increases your character's capabilities and Play&Earn prowess!

Gear up & PLAY it!

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