Frequently Asked Questions


FantaVerse is a Metaverse 3.0 game that enables gamers & creators to BUIDL, OWN, PLAY & FEEL all aspects of a leading-edge high poly 3D gaming ecosystem powered by its versatile FantaGlass & FANTAVERSE EDITOR for boundless hi-resolution creativity & gameplay.

Inspired by the blockbuster READY PLAYER ONE, FantaVerse goes beyond existing barriers in gaming and then a whole lot more.

Low poly graphics (visually unappealing), predictable gameplay (poor engagement), limited scope of play (boredom), common storylines (limited entertainment), poor tokenomics and limited appeal to the senses are the bane of many a game.

With its unique FANTAVERSE EDITOR and its complete infrastructure including its versatile FantaGlass and deflationary tokenomics, FantaVerse aims to elevate Play&Earn beyond what Axie Infinity achieved at its peak, provide proven dynamic gameplay like League of Legends & PUBG, whilst enabling a whole new universe of boundless gameplay by empowering gamers to BUIDL (that’s crypto slang for “Build”) ala Roblox and Minecraft but in more sensory-appealing higher resolution metaverse gaming environment where NFT ownership is encouraged & decentralized.

FantaVerse | BUIDL it! OWN it! PLAY it! FEEL it!

The FantaVerse universe is made up of many galaxies. Each galaxy has 9 planets, making up a total of 480 planets.

Planets are categorized into Life Planets, Core Planets, Genesis Planets and Resource Planets.

There are 3 cities in each planet. Each has 1024 plots of land. Lands are made up of fixed grids and represent irreplaceable tokens that players can trade.

Resource nodes are hatched on the lands (the more NFTs on the land, the more resource nodes will be incubated). Land owners can obtain Local Currency in it.

Players can build and add buildings on the land.

Lands can be obtained from treasure chests or purchased in the marketplace. These lands can also be auctioned in the NFT marketplace.

Each planet will birth one or more races. Characters of each race will have different roles, skills, attributes, appearances, etc.

Character roles include Tanker, Fighter, Mage, Healer, Assassin and Ranger and each character has 7 skills.

Equipment comprises of weapons and armors. Different characters can be equipped with different types of equipment.

Each weapon and armor has its own attributes, talents and its quality is differentiated according to elite (blue), epic (purple) and legendary (orange).

A community developers and players can create their very own maps and assets using the FantaVerse Map Editor!

Players can create their own games, formulate game rules and publish them for NFT auctions.

The FantaVerse Assets Editor also allows players to create unique appearances for races, weapons, accessories, etc. and then list them for NFT auctions.