FantaVerse Introduction

FantaVerse | BUIDL it! OWN it! PLAY it! FEEL it!

FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 metaverse gaming world inspired by the legendary sci-fi movie, READY PLAYER ONE. FantaVerse will be grand like the movie's OASIS but with infinite cosmic space and countless planets where players can play different games and experience life on each planet.

The FantaVerse metaverse comprises of 480 planets and it is divided into Genesis, Life, Core and Resource class planets. Each class of planets provides different key functions such as social interaction, gaming, in-game tasks, resource mining and entertainment.

Game developers or players can further develop the FantaVerse gaming ecosystem by constructing their own planets using FantaEditor, FantaVerse’s proprietary game editor. With FantaEditor, creators can further enhance the qualities of the FantaVerse metaverse with scenes, characters, assets and custom gameplay that they can envision.

Using leading-edge cloud technology, the FantaVerse Metaverse is a decentralized metaverse ecosystem where people can login from anywhere with just an internet connection. It offers low latency (low friction) gameplay, encourages virtual socialization, prioritizes AAA-graphic immersive gameplay and seamlessly integrates with AR/VR/MR hardware.

FantaVerse has recently released its Beta version of its gaming ecosystem, offering a new gaming experience to users all over the world with the promise of hi-poly real 3D immersive interactivity and the benefits of blockchain integration.


FantaVerse strives to address the following problems in existing metaverse games.

Graphic Quality Low Quality High-Poly
Available Devices Only Available on PC PC / Mobile / Browsers
Immersive Experience No Yes
Game Client Size 100~1,000M 1T
Download Yes No
World Size Very Limited Unlimited
Creator Economy Do not support Multi-Token NFT & Multi-Token


FantaVerse utilizes the leading-edge technologies to developed following products as a solution of the industry problems:

To Provide AAA-Level Graphic Quality without Download
To Provide Unlimited Content
To Provide Blockchain Gaming & Creator Economy


FantaVerse is a Web3.0 application that utilizes blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, cross-chain bridges, NFTs, decentralized transactions, and decentralized storage. Players log in with their wallets such as MetaMask/TrustWallet and enters FantaVerse by purchasing NFT characters on ETH/BSC/Polygon/Solona to start gameplay. All assets in FantaVerse such as characters, land, legendary equipment, skins, vehicles, mounts and planets are NFT assets. Players can also utilize the FantaEditor to Gamify their NFTs in the FantaVerse metaverse, making these NFTs real game applications and not just as a collection.

FantaVerse uses the blockchain economy to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. Players can earn various tokens by participating in world building, gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.